What has Bhoruka Extrusions been doing all this while?
Bhoruka has been extruding aluminium since 1981 and have successfully serviced a multitude of industries and markets. Further information can be found in the About Us

Why aluminium, why not steel?
Aluminium is a lightweight alternative, weighing approximately one-third that of steel. While aluminium does not have the same tensile properties as steel, it will not oxidize as vigorously as steel, making aluminium the material of choice for salt water environments and other applications.

Go on, tell me your limitations!
Bhoruka Extrusions can currently extrude sections up to 254mm in width. Please contact an Account Manager for more information on our extrusion capabilities. If you would like further information, our Marketing department will be only too happy to assist.

How do I obtain a price for a new extrusion, profile or shape?
Please contact our Marketing Department for further information. We have added all our branch contact details to further assist you.

I read something about Powder Coating, whatís that all about?
Powder coating is an electrostatic process whereby electrically charged paint particles in the form of a powder are sprayed onto the surface of pre-treated aluminium. Once applied, the aluminium is then baked in an oven to achieve a highly durable, painted (powder coated) finish.

Ok, now you are confusing me. Do I go in for Anodizing or Powder Coating?
Anodizing is a more durable surface finish as the process involves controlled oxidization of the aluminumís own surface which results in a much harder finish.

Feel free to contact us directly for any further queries.

What alloys are you using for manufacturing?
6063, 6061, 6105, 6005, 6463, 1050, 1100.

What is your Container Size (in mm?)
158mm, 210mm, 236mm for now

What is the maximum / minimum cut length you can supply?
0.80Mts and 9.5Mts

What percent of Excise Duty, Sales Tax & Packing charges are applicable on your prices?
Excise Duty @ 10.3%, Sales Tax : @ 4% (both may change depending upon Government's Tax Structure)
Packing : Normal : Rs.1000/- PMT , Special : Rs.2500/- PMT, Wooden : At Actual

What is the minimum order quantity in each section?
300Kgs as standard, but if you have any specific requirements please contact us

What standardís do you follow?

What is the minimum time required to cut die & to submit the sample?
Three weeks on an average.
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