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Bhoruka Fabcons, a part of the Bhoruka group of companies is located at Hebbal industrial area Mysore and is in close proximity to Bhoruka Extrusions. The focus of Bhoruka Fabcons is to add value to the group's products and services which will directly create value for our customers via service, quality and price. The overall value so created will help our customers to have a competitive edge in the market place.

The overall capability’s of Bhoruka Fabcons includes the following:
  • CNC machining / programming
  • Cut to length sawing
  • Miter cutting/ compound miter
  • Drilling / Chamfering
  • Counter sinking
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Assembling
  • Vibratory deburring
  • Packing

Our CNC machine is a five axis machining center which can do shapes with complex geometry, superior surface finish and high degree of manufacturing flexibility not normally found in other manufacturing methods. The machining service provides a wide array of product. These products span from very tightly tolerance components to various other products required for the varied industries. The miter cuts saw is capable of various miter cuts, ranging from 230 to 450 with the twin cutting head and is also able to deliver compounded angel cuts, as well. The machinery has been imported from Italy.

Diversity, innovation, flexibility and customer commitment will ensure Fabcons ,exceeds your expectation.

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