Often people wonder about the right way to spell the word aluminium since it is spelt in two different ways. Which is correct? The answer is easy: both are right. In the US it is "aluminum," with just one jaunty "i". Almost anywhere else in the world, it's the stylish and elegant aluminium. In Spanish it's aluminio, in Italian it's alluminio. The charm this metallic element holds to people anywhere in the world is the same regardless of how it is spelt.

Aluminium found abundantly in the earth's crust is the most difficult to extract. It never comes alone and is found in combination with other elements such as oxygen or sulphur. The most commonly used ore from which aluminium is extracted is bauxite. Once converted into its metallic state, aluminum is like no other material on earth. It has a bright future because its combination of useful properties is extraordinary. Aluminium is the metal of the future. Why? It is:
  • Light in weight . About one-third as heavy as copper or steel.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion after anodizing/ electro coloring.
  • Nonmagnetic and extremely useful around compasses
    or sensitive electronics.
  • Excellent reflector of heat and light.
  • Excellent conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Highly workable, capable of being formed by all metalworking processes.
  • Naturally good-looking.
  • And eminently recyclable
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